T.C. Renfrow Companies - Pipe Inspection Services

Pipe Inspection

Our pipe inspection is performed by API certified State Energy Inspection Services, Inc.. All pipe inspections are performed at our facility located at 7633 Miller Road #2 Houston, Texas 77049.
Available pipe inspections:
  • EMI
    • The Electromagnetic Inspection (EMI) procedure uses the flux leakage system for longitudinal and transverse defects. For measuring wall thickness State Energy Inspection Services, Inc. uses a Hall sensor system, which provides 100% coverage of wall measurement of a joint of pipe.
  • FLD
    • Full Length Drifting (FLD) is a very essential part of the inspection process. Drilling and or production tools are commonly movied in and out of casing and tubing while it is down hole. The purpose of drifting is insure that the ID of the pipe beinging inspected is of proper diameter so these tools do not get stuck in the process of completing an oil well.
  • SEA
    • Special End Area (SEA) purpose is to detect longitudinal and transverse imperfections on the inner and outer surfaces of the pipe ends including couplings and pin threads. Also, on end finished pipe a visual thread inspection will be performed.
  • VTI
    • Visual Thread Inspection procedures involve cleaning threads with 100% virgin mineral spirits; using a correct profile gauge to indicate pin stretch, abnormal flank war, loss of thread, height, etc.; lapped threads, galled threads, and overall thread condition are investigated and the inspector must make judgement whether field or shop repair is required.
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