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Pipe Inspection

We are committed to providing you outstanding quality control, so we monitor the integrity of your pipes when picked up, loaded in, and transferred/transported in any way. This is to ensure that any flaws are identified early on and eliminated. Our 54-acre lot is structured to efficiently and securely store your pipes.

All our pipe inspections are performed at our facility with the help of




The following is a list of regulated pipe inspection procedures we perform in order get a detailed understanding of  the condition of your pipes:



Electromagnetic inspection

which is the process of scanning each pipe, via Hall sensor system, and looking for any fractures, cracks, or indentations, that could potentially lead to future pipe failure.


Full Length Drifting

is a process in which the inner diameter of a pipe is measured. When forming oil wells, drilling and production tools are often moved in and out of the casing. If the inner diameter has shifted in some way, the tools could get stuck.


Special End Area

involves examining the ends on each pipe, including pin and coupling threads. This examination process is completed in three steps, which includes visual thread inspection, white light inspection, and magnetic particle testing. These steps give a comprehensive analysis of the internal and external surfaces of each pipe.


Visual Thread Inspection

is a process where the threads are cleaned with 100% Virgin Mineral Spirits and examined for imperfections. This is often done in conjunction with SEA for more efficiently diagnosing the overall pipe condition.

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